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What services are available?

 The following services are available and billed by the hour, engagement, or project:


  •   Educational Seminars

  •   Income Tax consulting

  •   Income Tax Preparation for Individuals & self-employed persons

  •   Self-employed individual company benefit planning

  •   Comprehensive Financial Plans excluding portfolio analysis

  •   Educational Seminars for private groups or open to the public

  •   Divorce asset division consulting

  •   Charitable giving during a lifetime or from and estate

  •   Cash Flow Analysis and debt structuring

  •   Cost/benefit analysis of changing from W2 employee to contractor status

  •   Etc.


Services available as a licensed Agent accepting commissions for products including:



  •    Life

  •    Disability

  •    Long Term Care

  •    Critical Illness

  •    Air Ambulance

  •    Insurance products analysis

  •    Independent Agent shopping services

  •   Unwanted Life Insurance Policy Life Settlement consulting

  •   Fixed annuities (Based on the jurisdiction)

  •   Equity Indexed Annuities (Based on the jurisdiction) 

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