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                                 Meet Amy Rose
                                                Hello, I'm Amy Rose - your experienced go to source for help with your financial topic needs or live interviews with over 30 years of experience.
                                                 I started my career in the area of medical bad debt collections. Over                                                    the years I advanced to include experience in the following areas:
  • Corporate level inventory control.
  • Materials cost management.
  • Office management.
  • Employee benefits.  
  • Self-employed professional.
  • Small business succession planning.
  • Over 25 years in the securities industry managing individual portfolios. I sold the portfolio management portion of my firm in early 2016.
  • Paid tax preparer.
  • Financial topic educator.
  • Established author. My books are for sale worldwide on most distribution platforms in softcover, Kindle, and EBook editions.  Here is a link to my Amazon listings: 
I am a self-employed unbiased professional who has a wide knowledge base that encompasses many economic issues faced by individuals and small business owners to include but is not limited to the following areas:
  • Cash flow analysis and debt restructuring
  • Employee benefit plan designs
  • Business succession planning for sale, retirement, or disability life changes
  • W2 to Contractor status transitions
  • Insurance ownership and beneficiary design
  • Charitable legacy planning
  • Estate planning
  • Eductionational Seminars open to the public or closed sessions
  • Income Tax planning and implementation for Individuals and Self-employed persons
  • ...and more!
On a personal note, I reside in the beautiful U.S. Virgin Islands with my family.  We were blessed to relocate here in early 2011 after living in the Midwest all of our lives up to that point. We have embraced our new community where we are enjoying this opportunity to experience a "life do-over". However, I am not limited geographically to any location to provide my services, analysis, presence, training, or expertise when requested. I am willing to travel throughout the Caribbean and I do travel stateside frequently. Web-based meetings are available.  
Please contact me for additional information at: or by cell at 785-224-8954.
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