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Do you need a Powerful Speaker, Author or Live Talk Show Guest?

When you want to empower your Entrepreneur audience to build profits, implement bottom line building strategies, sell businesses, and pay no income taxes on the gains, learn about buy/sell agreement uses, why advertising and donations must give you a return on investment, creative comp and so much more… you book Amy! 

When your audiences hear solutions to problems they may have never considered when they are building out their business in a Podcast or interview, you are really the star for booking Amy on your stage. 

Did you know more than one show host has booked Amy as a repeat guest because one appearance is not enough for their audiences?

Please reach out for booking availability for in person, live digital or pre-recorded for broadcast later opportunities.

What business owners are saying about Amy

Amy makes the subject matter easily understandable for her clients. I have heard her ably present on a wealth of topics in person and on radio, always garnering immediate rapport with her audiences and providing a “take-away” of information on how to better leverage personal or business resources.

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