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Individual Assistance

For those who want more hands-on or one on one assistance to identify where profits are being lost needlessly, we have intensive fact-finding processes to identify your unique needs and create an implementation schedule to perhaps include any or all of the following areas:

  • Increase your bottom line in multiple areas 

  • Prepare a business for sale, paying $0 or reduced US Capital Gains Taxes

  • Develop and fund buy/sell agreements for death or disability

  • Review and update partnership agreements to meet expectations and needs

  • Coordinate estate planning issues that will affect your business and personal asset distributions

  • Create systems for consistent results for staff to follow

  • Deep dive into all personal and business insurance coverages to coordinate ownership, insured and beneficiaries correctly

  • Last 3-year Income Taxes filed reviews

  • “Ask Amy Anything About Money” live calls and sessions.

  • Upon request, on-site visits may be available at pre-negotiated pricing.

What business owners are saying about Amy

Amy makes the subject matter easily understandable for her clients. I have heard her ably present on a wealth of topics in person and on radio, always garnering immediate rapport with her audiences and providing a “take-away” of information on how to better leverage personal or business resources.

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