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Transform your money-draining black holes into new profit centers by taking advantage of these courses!

These are the course options tailored to your specific needs in order to assist entrepreneurs like you generate more money.

10 Proven Ways to transform your business profits!

Do you want to hire someone to assist you in developing your business?

This meticulously crafted approach is intended for those in financial need, employee-turned-entrepreneurs, and even seasoned business owners looking to enhance their bottom lines.

This course is a wonderful solution for leveraging, engaging, and swiftly training even small enterprises. These tools are designed for simple deployment, allowing you to generate profit-building outcomes!

21 Ways to improve your profitability!

This course provides an opportunity to rebuild your company's bottom line. This is designed for company owners who are eager to study profit-building techniques in order to achieve the maximum degree of profitability.

Even if you've been in the company for a year, three years, or even two decades, you'll discover how to increase your bottom line in ways you've probably never seen before.

These carefully crafted parts can assist you in breaking free from unprofitable habits and processes so you can begin earning the revenue you deserve!

26 Ways to position your company for Growth, Sale, and Exit!

This profitability overhaul course is designed for business owners who are serious about increasing profitability in an existing firm.

The many topics covered are critical whether you want to expand the firm with minimal involvement, sell it in a few years with a lucrative track record, or establish a potential business model with a succession plan for the next generation.

Premium Unlimited Lifetime Access

This bundle includes everything you'll need to boost your profitability in a variety of areas for years to come.

This full profitability makeover is required if you intend to expand your firm.

You may construct a thriving firm, establish a solid track record, and then sell it to the next generation in a few years.

Whatever ambitions you have for expanding your business, you can never go wrong by enrolling in this premium course!

This bundle contains all video parts as well as all evergreen PDF worksheets that you may use whenever and wherever you choose!

Calculating The True Cost Of Employees

This course will assist you in determining whether a position should be outsourced in order to increase your earnings.

This eye-opening video-based training will teach you how to anticipate each current or new position in your organization fast and precisely.

You will discover how to calculate hard, soft, and frequently unrecorded site-based, equipment, or workspace overhead expenditures per position.

Boost your ROI when Marketing & Advertising!

Would it be easier to deploy advertising if you knew if a campaign would cost you money or make you money before you began it?

Not to worry, because this course will teach you how to quickly distinguish between a profit-losing and a profit-making decision.

The ability to correctly forecast income before considering any suggested advertising channel or product might be worth millions to your bottom line in the long run.

Bartering Networks: What are the Pros & Cons?

Begin generating thousands of additional profits by properly utilizing barter networks.

Stop wasting thousands of dollars by employing bartering networks and wrongly pricing trade items on your goods or services.

Learn the benefits and drawbacks of bartering on a regional and national scale to help your business expand.

When to Utilize Tax Year End for Equipment Buying to save on Taxes!

When accountants or tax experts encourage them to acquire equipment or vehicles to save taxes before the end of the year, business owners frequently struggle with spending money.

Is this advice assisting you in increasing your bottom line, or is it steadily stealing your earnings and obligating resources for years to come that you should not agree to absorb?

You are the one who is spending your hard-earned money to follow this advice, whether it is good or harmful.

The Power of 3Ps: Increase your Production, Profits, & Productivity!

Do you have any idea how an unintended walking program built into your employees' business day can cost you $5k - $100k a year per employee?


I do!


This eye-opening video-based course will give you the insights you need to leverage every position in the company for maximum profitability.

Should You Rent Or Own Your Location?

"If you rent, you are squandering your money."

"You should only rent out your space."

"You must invest in real estate to house your company."

"You will lose your place if you do not make the payments."

All of the contradicting advice from well-meaning people is probably enough to make your head spin.

So, no need to be concerned!

This video-based course will teach you how to assess each property systematically and rapidly to determine if renting or buying a property is the best solution for protecting your profitability!

Office Supplies & Operational Issues: They can drain your Profits or Increase Your Bottom Line!

You might be wasting thousands of dollars due to inefficiencies in your workplace setting and be completely unaware of it.

This video-based training will teach you how to rapidly identify where you are losing money in the office.

The material offers suggestions and methods for reducing profit losses in this critical area of corporate operations.

Intelligently Use Donations to Increase ROI

You might be losing thousands of dollars because you have a huge heart for charity, but contributing resources would restrict your ability to give.

Failure to appreciate best practices for donating to a company environment dynamic may cost you a lot of money.

Learn how to contribute freely in ways that promote issues you care about while also benefiting either party's bottom line!

How to Assess Your Economic Values to sales processes

What is the monetary worth of each customer?

Why is it necessary to know the exact quantity while planning advertising, growth estimates, new or current service or commodities offers, and other activities?

You may be wasting thousands of dollars by focusing on the wrong consumer for the wrong reasons.

You might also be paying too much for staff or contractors without recognizing it, sapping company profits.

This video-based course will teach you how to swiftly compute this large sum in any business application scenario!

Replacement Cost Should Be a Line Item in every budget

It's likely that you've wasted money on needless interest charges, extra fees, and losses caused by bad planning.

Business disruptions, such as failing to recognize when or how to budget replacement expenses into your cash flow each month, are one of the major causes hurting your company's profitability without your knowledge.

Most business owners underestimate the importance of this vital business skill.

This sometimes overlooked operational expenditure can be a profit-devourer for the unwary, causing you to underestimate the expenses of roles and overhead in any business structure!

What is the untapped Value of your Customer Database?

Is your client database a distinct, tradable asset?
It's time to start
using your Customer Database and earning more!

Learn how to comprehend the entire data environment.

Then use all of your clients' information to purchase another valuable asset

If you decide to sell or change the nature of your firm, you might lose thousands of dollars if you do not exploit this acquisition.

Complaints | Fish Files: Why they stink & what to do about them?

You might be losing thousands of dollars due to poor handling of returns or exchanges, complaints, or failure to deliver services as promised, all of which can develop into a public relations nightmare or an internal issue.

The longer issues go unaddressed, the worse they get!

The material offers suggestions and methods for reducing profit losses in this critical area of corporate operations.

Contingency Planning for all kinds of Operational Interruptions!

You could be quickly out of business, deep in debt, or bankrupt without an easy-to-implement, cost-efficient backup for operational interruptions plan already in place before you need it for any reason.

Even if you are not on-site to instruct them, your staff requires a road map to keep the doors open and earnings flowing.

Convert Lost Sales into New Profits

Once the selling window has passed, you have forever lost the possibility to make a profit.

Learn how to train your team to have a mentality for detecting selling possibilities that your employees may not be taking advantage of with every selling opportunity!

You might be losing thousands of dollars due to inefficiencies in your business and be completely unaware of it.

Wasted Space costs you profits, how to change a profit drain into a profit gain

Reduced expenditures increase your bottom line without requiring you or your employees to sell anything!

Have you ever considered the hidden profit-sucking expenses of unused space?

How can you immediately notice space losses or assign an economic value to your company spaces?

Finding where you are losing income by making mistakes in everyday activities

COVID-related operational difficulties might be your business' wake-up call on how to massively boost your bottom line.

Too many firms include mandatory employer-paid fitness programs for employees in their daily operations.

If you have unwittingly constructed this, you are paying thousands of dollars per employee, each year, on and off-premises during work hours.
cost of lost productivity and missed sales, in addition to lost salaries, is significant.

How to Prevent Embezzlement & Theft in your Business?

After all, it is simply money... your money that is being deducted from your bottom line, either openly by a team within your organization or covertly by a deceptive partner.

Think again if you believe you are immune on company thefts, from staff, or partners - will not cost you much profit over the year.

Too many business owners fail to see how unregulated or too simple to put up thefts of corporate resources may devastate a successful bottom line until it is too late.

IRA / 401(k) versus Roth: Choose When To Pay Deferred Taxes!

"Anyone may arrange his affairs so that his taxes shall be as low as possible; he is not bound to choose that pattern which best pays the treasury. There is not even a patriotic duty to increase one’s taxes."


Judge Learned Hand 


Pre-tax, deferred-tax, post-tax, partially taxed, tax-free - they all have the word tax in these short phrases, but only ONE of them tells you how much the tax load will be when the proceeds are accessed, at any age:



I have seen countless mistakes in structuring their savings accumulation in vehicles, not knowing that in the short term, it is a great idea when you can save a few dollars in current taxes. The joint tilting could look good at the time without thinking about future tax or estate distribution repercussions.

How To Structure A Tax-Free Retirement for the Owner

Is a paid retirement plan required, desired, or deserved by the owner? Is there a plan?

Do you fantasize about selling your company on X day in X year to support your retirement? Is the cost of reserving your retirement plan reasonable?

Oh, but even if that happens (99.999% of the time), the earnings made from taking that firm from nothing to something will be taxed at a rate over which you have no influence.

Do you know how to establish accounts and assets to achieve a tax-free, self-completing retirement? The majority of owners have no idea this is even possible.

This wealth-building strategy can alter your financial future for future generations.

Never Settle for Breaking Even in your Business!

More than a quarter of firms are breaking even; this has never been enough to sustain or even pay for their operations.

With all of the risks, time, and energy invested in the firm, it may postpone closure, but it cannot ensure profit protection.

A break-even company strategy cannot be sustained! Unwilling volunteers, such as family members, workers, and even owners, would work in the firm for free.

In these difficult circumstances, consultants may offer the business owner a false feeling of viability, which may be extremely damaging, because their company would otherwise be losing money.

How Knowing the difference between Customers & Clients could help you grow your Business

Stop wasting your staff's time and resources on the wrong buyers!

It's time to teach everyone in your company how to generate repeat sales.

In this video-based course, you'll learn the distinction between clients and customers, as well as how knowing it - affects the entire dynamics of your business and the potential exponential development of your bottom line!

Job Description: Should they be Narrow or Broad?

"I don't want my $150-an-hour manufacturing worker cleaning the restroom."

"I also don't want my well-dressed office personnel outdoors tending to the gardening."
"My brilliant graphic artist should not be idle with little exciting work to accomplish."

Specialist, generalist, bookkeeper, front desk, sales staff, support staff, technician, driver, graphic designer; when is a limited or wide job description appropriate?

Any organization must handle position characterizations, and some flexibility must be built in.

In this thought-provoking video-based course, you'll learn why it's critical to avoid the term "that is not my job," and how it might harm your business in the long run!

Water Wasted = Watching your profits flow down the drain

We've all heard the phrase "money down the drain." How does this brief yet profound remark relate to your company?

Water waste can cost you money due to poor planning, staff inattention, short-sighted landscaping selections, or easily overlooked upkeep.

You do not want to miss this profit-eating continuous expenditure that is buried in plain sight.

Fear not, since this course will teach you how to stop losing money on long-term continuous expenses in your business operations!

Not only that, but You will also find areas where you might be wasting money on excessive water consumption.

Electrical Energy Consumption Mistakes: Don't give away your profits needlessly!

Is it a shocking revelation when you receive your power bill?

Not to worry!

In this short course, you will learn how to identify areas where you may be wasting money due to improperly planned or implemented electricity consumption.

Poor installation design, staff inattention, or inability to install crucial cost-effective power use reduction solutions might cost you a gigantic amount of avoidable charges every day.

This training will assist you in rethinking how you spend your profits on power. You do not want to miss this potentially profit-devouring continuing expenditure that is buried in plain sight.

Social Security Rules Age 62+ You Should Know!

Never knowingly surrender thousands of dollars in Social Security benefits throughout your retirement. You must understand the regulations in order to maintain your benefits.

You must be considering claiming Social Security between the ages of 62 and 67 for a variety of reasons.

What you don't know about the earned income restrictions regulations beginning at age 62 might cost you up to every cent of your monthly benefits when it comes time to file your taxes.

What's more unpleasant is discovering you've committed to receiving lower Social Security income for the rest of your life.

This sad sequence of events occurs if you did not contact a knowledgeable financial counselor before activating your benefits and committed a mistake that cannot be corrected.

This video-based course will teach you how to make sensible financial decisions when it comes to arranging income streams to maximize Social Security payments for a lifetime.

Passing the Business to the Next Generation

What if your company legacy is not the legacy your family want because they prefer cash?

After all of your sleepless nights and financial dangers, you are finally preparing your estate asset distribution. If you do not make a will to protect this asset, your legacy will be gone in an instant!

This video-based course will teach you about financed buy/sell agreements, ownership percentages that may or may not work, surviving partner worries, and much more!

Legal Documents Are A Necessity for Every Entrepreneur

Pay a few thousand dollars now to secure 100% of your assets intelligently, or spend potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars afterward because you didn't bother.

You may have no clue if you are in good form in terms of the legal papers that every firm needs, or if you have missed a lot of things with the few you believe you have.

This video-based conversation will teach you about various legal papers you should be familiar with and will offer you advice on what to do with your chosen attorney to safeguard your business in the event of a crisis or death.

Creative Compensation to Boost Employee Performance and Profits!

There are many more possibilities for establishing efficient compensation packages for hourly, salaried, or project-based payments than most business owners are aware of in order to get the work done effectively.

Do you have persistently late employees that drive you and everyone else insane on a regular basis?

Do you want some fresh compensation structuring ideas that will transform the turmoil, turnover, and stress you're dealing with into a pleasant workplace where we're all working together to make you, the owner, more money?

This video-based conversation will let you see a variety of pay structures that work for you, the owner, and the employees.

Interns: An Untapped Resource

You constantly need new business ideas, research, an extra pair of hands to assess whether you need to add a role or streamline operations, design work, website development, social media management, and overall digital presence enhancement in business.

There are several ways onsite and off-site where interns might be an underused resource. There are both paid and unpaid internships available.

This video-based conversation will teach you when and why you should incorporate interns into your business on a short-term or long-term continuous basis in order to expand your business cost-effectively.

How your Business Audio Background, Visual Cues, and Ambience Affects Your Business Profitability!

The mood you present in person, on Zoom, and while publishing online is the first impression you get for every transaction you make.

What are you doing about the atmospheric circumstances that you can influence?

This must-see video-based business-building training will assist you in creating the mood you want to create every time your company is discussed, visited, or brought up.

Every Entrepreneur Needs an Exit Plan from the Business the day you open the doors!

Do you have a company exit strategy in mind?

There are several reasons for selling your company. It might be a planned or unforeseen sale, asset division in a divorce, incapacity, sudden death, or closure because it was unsellable and costing you a lot of money.

This video conversation will assess your comprehension of the consequences of departure planning. This must-see video will also assist you in effectively implementing these tactics before the unavoidable occurs.

Tips & Ideas for Improved Tax Preparation

Don't let another tax year go by when you pay more income taxes than you should due to delay!

Every year, taxes are an ongoing corporate expenditure. Reducing the expense of tax preparation and claiming all available deductions can help you keep more of your profits for decades to come.

This video-based course will assist you in identifying many ways your everyday spending can be used to your advantage on a tax return while lowering your tax liability. This course will also assist you in lowering your tax preparation fees, which will save you money over time.

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