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For those contemplating the sale of appreciated assets now or in the future, we can help you structure the sale of your business or rental properties to avoid or eliminate US Capital Gains Taxes entirely, legally, morally and ethically.
Discover how to skyrocket your profits now without increasing sales, adding staff, stocking a larger inventory, or changing your location.

Amy Rose Herrick

Chartered Financial Consultant

“America’s Profit Building Specialist”
The brains behind “The Secret Profits Series” & “Money with Amy”
Increasing your profitability does not need to be difficult or time consuming.
Let us show you how to do it quickly and easily.

Training, Tools and Support

The key to a profitable business is knowing how to retain more of your profits in every area of the business. Training staff to be your profit building partners is another consistent way to add to your bottom line. 

However, when do you have time to train others to watch your bottom line when you are already stressed, busy and overloaded running a business?

If you do not have the time to train staff on how to think like a successful profit building partner, you need our help to take that burden off your shoulders. 

Not all business owners want or need to be hands on for every aspect of the business. What busy owners do need daily are fast, and accurate answers to make business decisions on an ongoing basis that will affect your bottom line for years to come.

“The Secret Profits” programs are designed by Amy especially for busy Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who are ready to invest in the business to take profitability to higher level than they have ever experienced before.

“How can these programs help me increase my profits and solve my decision-making problems?’ You will have access to proven solutions, tools, methods, formulas, and so much more all available in a systematic, proven process that can produce results consistently that any business can afford to invest in.

Live Events, Individual Assistance and Online Courses 

When you join our live sessions, you will have the ability to ask questions and receive answers to accelerate your implementation and results with like-minded Entrepreneurs. Your geographic location is not a limiting factor to get the help you need now.

Our live sessions, held via Zoom, could be anywhere from a quick hour, a half day, full day, or up to three days of intense training. At present, we will hold all sessions via Zoom to enable you to avoid the expense and time-consuming hassles of travel. Depending on the event content, recordings may be available.

“The Secret Profits” extensive library of ala carte courses could be your instant solution for the do-it-yourself Entrepreneur or delegated staff to work through at your own pace. You can access these very affordable courses on demand 24/7/365 to work in your busy schedule. 

The courses are an excellent, cost efficient and time saving way to train staff to get the results you are looking for without using your time to handle the training. Many of the courses have PDF workbooks included with the training to be able to replicate profit building processes with ease. 

Are you concerned about the ability to transfer the information or tools training during staff changes without incurring new expenses? Problem solved! You have lifetime access to the trainings and materials you have paid for, along with any updates to the materials for as long as you own your company! The concepts you learn through “the Secret Profits” programs may be helpful when applied to other endeavors too.

For those who want more hands-on or one on one assistance to identify where profits are being lost needlessly, we have intensive fact-finding processes to identify your unique needs and create an implementation schedule to perhaps include any or all of the following areas:

  • Increase your bottom line in multiple areas 

  • Prepare a business for sale, paying $0 or reduced US Capital Gains Taxes

  • Develop and fund buy/sell agreements for death or disability

  • Review and update partnership agreements to meet expectations and needs

  • Coordinate estate planning issues that will affect your business and personal asset distributions

  • Create systems for consistent results for staff to follow

  • Deep dive into all personal and business insurance coverages to coordinate ownership, insured and beneficiaries correctly

  • Last 3-year Income Taxes filed reviews

  • “Ask Amy Anything About Money” live calls and sessions.

  • Upon request, on-site may be available at pre-negotiated pricing.

Why did I create “The Secret Profits” systems? 

Many business owners make the mistake that profitability is solely reliant on making more sales, adding staff, changing locations, or increasing inventor. 

I strongly disagree that more sales are the only way to increase profitability or a business valuation for the short and long term. 

Retaining more of the revenue you bring in the door builds your bottom line and can increase your company sale valuations too when you are ready to let go of your business.

Think about it. 

If there was an event or affordable resource that would teach you or your designated staff a profit building solution you could start applying the same day you received the materials, at the same time providing you the tools you or staff need to be thousands of dollars more profitable this year, and in the years to come, in as little as 15-45 minutes, how fast would you find the time in a schedule to attend these life changing sessions?

Join us and find out why Amy earned the title “America’s Profit Building Specialist”.


Thank you for your contribution to my family and I. We are grateful!


Do you need a Powerful Speaker, Author or Live Talk Show Guest?

When you want to empower your Entrepreneur audience to build profits, implement bottom line building strategies, sell businesses, and pay no income taxes on the gains, learn about buy/sell agreement uses, why advertising and donations must give you a return on investment, creative comp and so much more… you book Amy! 

When your audiences hear solutions to problems they may have never considered when they are building out their business in a Podcast or interview, you are really the star for booking Amy on your stage. 

Did you know more than one show host has booked Amy as a repeat guest because one appearance is not enough for their audiences?

Please reach out for booking availability for in person, live digital or pre-recorded for broadcast later opportunities.

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Amy Rose Herrick, ChFC, America's Profit Building Specialist


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