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My name is Amy Rose Herrick, and I'm America's Profit-Building Specialist. 

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Why do you need a robust profit management system?

Many business owners believe that raising sales, expanding employees, shifting locations, or boosting inventories is the only way to increase profitability.

I firmly disagree that increasing sales is the sole method to boost immediate and long-term profitability or business valuation.

Retaining more of the money you bring in increases your bottom line and can raise your firm selling appraisals when it comes time to sell your business.

Consider this:

"How quickly would you find time in your schedule to attend these life-changing sessions if there was an event or affordable resource that taught you or your designated staff a profit-building solution you could start using the same day you received the materials, while also providing you with the tools you or your staff need to be thousands of dollars more profitable this year and in the years to come, in as little as 15-45 minutes?"

Discover why Amy has been dubbed "America's Profit Building Specialist" by joining us.

Need more proof? Please check our client testimonials below!


I'm always looking for people I can help with their financial management. If you're seeking help, let's connect!

+1 (785) 224-8954

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